About Us

Established in 2009, Solex Plus is widely regarded as one of the best CX and BPO providers in the Middle East. Our investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-quality training programs for our CX agents and BPO teams is reflected in the service delivery excellence which our valued clients have come to expect from us

Our Mission

“Empowering businesses to deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) across an omnichannel environment driven by innovative digital robust solutions moulded-in operationally optimized business services by expeditious mobilization and personalized care in line with international quality standards to meet and exceed customer expectations”


We constantly strive for excellence and world-class performance


We are always sincere and transparent in all our dealings


We work together towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction


We are inspired by the sacred traditions of Saudi Arabia to treat everyone with respect and equality

Our clientele is as diverse as the services which we provide to government institutions, multinational corporations, and leading consumer brands. We have built enduring partnerships with the world’s finest tech companies, enabling us to stay at the forefront of technological innovation

Our Vision

“To be a trusted partner at the forefront of next-generation customer experience (CX) and cutting-edge business process outsourcing (BPO)”

COO Message

Solex Plus was founded on the principle of providing efficient, scalable, and reliable solutions to our valued clients. Over the years we have witnessed tremendous changes, not only in service delivery mechanisms, but also in the expectations of end-users. As a company we have always embraced the necessity of change, while staying loyal to our clients’ needs for cost-efficiency and quality. This may explain why we are regarded as one of the most capable and dependable CX and BPO providers in the Middle East.

At Solex Plus we see our clients as our partners, and some of these relationships have endured for many years. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their strategic goals and generate tangible ROI. This commitment extends to Saudi Vision 2030, and we are proud to play an increasingly vital role in supporting the Kingdom’s growth with world-class CX and BPO solutions.

We all stand today on the threshold of a vibrant new CX and BPO era; an exciting time for brand engagement and experiential fulfilment driven by incredible technological advances. At Solex Plus, we are ready to help our clients and their customers reap these benefits.

Hassan Ali Nassar