Our Processes

Processes designed to enhance the interaction experience day in – day out

Solex Plus has in-house certified Business Process Re-engineering professionals who contribute to the development of these processes. That means a rich mix of operational knowledge and process expertise to reengineer the processes in order to maximize the operational benefits for our client. In-house process design team augments smooth operational excellence through value added process mapping, designing and re-engineering.
The customer touch-point and integration (customer-Solex Plus) requirements are studied carefully. The Solex Plus process design team helps iron out any ambiguities in the process and ensures a smooth flow of information and expertise while a complete process is outsourced. This, subsequently, helps the customers and their clients and / or partners as it would cut cost and minimize wastage of time spent on ambiguous calls and interactions between various parties.
The internal processes are designed and developed based on international best practices and are strictly adhered to. These processes and subsequent procedures are revised on a periodic basis in order to ensure relevance and integrity of in-places processes.
All of these processes are shared with the support staff at Solex Plus through a central repository or knowledge base for easy reference, which results in shorter support times and a higher accuracy of information collected, recorded and dispatched.