Report Plus

In modern days busy executives need solutions to reach needed information and make the right decisions on the fly. They need the solutions on hand, and access to the information wherever they go. The information needs to be concise, accurate, and timely as well as easy to read and understand.

Report Plus is a state-of-the-art technology-based reporting solution that provides Solex Plus customers with the insight view into their outsourced operations, as they deserve – the very best view.

The user-friendly dashboards not only allow the clients to get to their data on the fly, they actually let them visualize the complex operations very easily. The clients can check the agent’s productivity and performance through these dashboards. In addition, they are able to see the live performance of the call center and how their end-users are being treated through the IVR and other technology deployed to serve them.

The dashboards are available on all modern platforms including the Internet, smartphones [iPhone, Android Based and BlackBerry], and Tablets [iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and others]. This built-in versatility means that the customers can browse through these dashboards solutions from anywhere they want and almost everywhere. They can take their reports wherever their business is – it is virtually beyond geographical boundaries and irrespective of the call center location.

Solex Plus can tailor-make the dashboards based on customer requirements. Following are some screenshots of our state-of-the-art analytics system “Report Plus”.

Report Plus can provide a range of analytics and reports including

  • Average Handle Time reporting
  • Call time break up for each call
  • Abandonment rate
  • Average call pick up
  • Agent wise detailed report
  • Agent call volume reports
  • Agent conversion reports
  • Agent logged in time report
  • Agent call time report
  • Agent occupancy report
  • Agent break time report
  • Queue interval reports

Please contact our sales team to know more about Report Plus and find out how it can be of benefit to you