Care Plus

Attracting new customers is challenging but retaining your existing customers is more demanding than ever. Today’s customers are especially challenging to impress, with high expectations and demands of the best service from their brands. Additional challenges exist with the proliferation of online social media tools such as blogging, Twitter, and Facebook through which a company’s reputation can be established by an excellent, or maybe tarnished by a poor, customer experience. By establishing consistent communication channels between you and your customers, you will gain opportunities to build relationships and increase brand loyalty.
Solex Plus understands the importance of quality customer service and customer retention strategies to make your business succeed. CarePLUS creates a positive customer experience that turns into a lasting relationship, and it is our goal to not only provide high-quality call, chat, and email services but to focus on the total customer experience of your brand and service delivery across all channels. CarePLUS spans virtually all industries and applications.

Behind the scenes

Solex Plus focuses on creating a positive, personalized experience for our client’s customers, achieving this through 

High-Touch Brand Specialists

Our agents are true brand specialists, acting as a transparent extension of your company. We create a culture that mimics your own in-house environment to ensure our agents feel they are truly working for your company, and your customers feel they are speaking to your employees. From recruiting and selection to training and recognition, our goal remains to create a high-touch, friendly and professional interaction on each call.

CSAT and Total Customer Experience Assessments

Through internal assessment tools and quality calibration sessions with our clients, we continually strive to provide a complete customer experience, consistent with each contact channel to the satisfaction of our client.

CRM/Case Management Technology Expertise

Solex Plus collaborates with leading technology providers in CRM and Case Management to ensure accurate, consistent, and timely information is at our agents’ fingertips to provide to your customers.

Care Plus can be used for:

  • Toll-free customer care
  • Cross-sell and up-sell programs
  • Change of personal details
  • Complaint and issue resolution
  • Billing information
  • Loyalty clubs
  • Government information
  • Dealer location calls
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Reservations
  • Requests for maintenance support please contact our sales team to know more about Care Plus and find out how it can be of benefit to you.